Twin Cities Grace Fellowship (TCGF) began over 10 years ago as two small house churches joining together.  They gathered over the week to study the scriptures "rightly divided" and desired a pastor to lead them. 

Brother Duane Gallentine of Centuria Wisconsin took on that role for many years.  Eventually, Brother Ron Knight came from Illinois and Grace School of the Bible to teach and preach to the saints of once Heavenly Hope Bible Church.  Duane and Ron labored together in the teaching/preaching duties for many years.  Duane taught Thursday nights and Ron taught Sunday mornings. 

In 2008 Brother Josh Strelecki began to be implemented in the teaching/preaching rotation.  Duane stopped teaching on Thursday's to focus on his assembly in Centuria Wisconsin.  Ron took over Thursday nights and Sunday mornings.  Josh began to preach every first Sunday of the month and fill in for Ron when gone or necessary.

In July of 2011 Brother Ron and his family decided to move to Sacramento California, as well as, begin a local assembly: Northern California Grace Fellowship.  Brother Josh took over the teaching/preaching duties at that time and is presently the pastor of Twin Cities Grace Fellowship.

Twin Cities Grace Fellowship is a assembly of believers with a unquenchable desire for the Bible.  Above all else TCGF wants to know God through His Son as found and learned from the scriptures.  TCGF is assembly that honestly deals with God's Word and wants to lovely and graciously share the glorious truths of His Word to others. 


Twin Cities Grace Fellowship (TCGF) presently gathers together on the lower level of Lake Vadnais Church in Vadnais Heights Minnesota each Thursday @ 7pm & Sunday's @ 9am & 10:45am.  They are led by 6 elders, Pastor Josh being the full-time teaching/preaching elder. 

TCGF is small local assembly of about 60 members.  An assembly that loves each other and gathering together weekly to hear and learn from God's Word. 

The assembly participates in monthly potlucks, summer church picnics, quarterly breakfast at a local restaurant, and so much more.

TCGF provides a Thursday night children's ministry, called, Coached By Christ (CBC) during the school year starting in October; also, a nursery and children's Sunday school class each Sunday morning.  Men's Bible Study's and Meetings are held each month.

We also provide and are engaged in getting God's Word out.  We have many ministries run by volunteers.  We have a DVD/CD mailing list where we mail out DVD's/CD's of the lessons each week.  We also post each message to the website and make available on our YouTube Channel. 

TCGF is looking forward to implementing Small Groups and a Women's Bible Study in the near future.