Thursday (7pm)

1 Corinthians Primer

1 Corinthians is an strong epistle.  Paul time and time again reproves and corrects the Corinthians for the lack of understanding and use of doctrine they have received.  This epistles serves as the Father's chastening of foolish sons and daughters of God, an epistle that examines us and instructs us in righteousness.

Join Pastor Josh to learn more about 1 Corinthians!!!  

Have questions?  Join Pastor Josh each week or follow along via our website or YouTube Channel.

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1st Annual Edification Gathering (Conference)

August 4th-6th, 2017

Theme: By Love Serve On Another

Romans 12:1-15:7

Edification Gathering Pamphlet Word/PDF

**A block of hotel rooms was not reserved seeing this is our first gathering and not knowing the amount of interest.  However, if you do plan to attend and desire to know the nearest hotel, it is the Holiday Inn & Suites off County Rd. E in Vadnais Heights, MN.**


Bible Study 101

There are so many things to consider when studying the Bible.  This section of the website is for all kinds of students: whether you have a lot of time or a little bit of time.  Bible Study 101 will provide you with the basics of studying God's Word.  Bible Study 101 will provide you the basics and essentials to grasp God's Word by using PowerPoint's, articles, and Bible engaging videos that will help give you the tools to gain the profit of understanding that God wants you to possess.  Visit this page as it will be updated frequently.

Where to start?  Read the articles by following the pages above or these links:

How to Study?

Rightly Dividing

Why Paul?

***This section and associated pages may or may not be revamped based upon the discretion of the producers to suitably help the student.***

Brother James Mason

Listen to some wonderful teachings from our late beloved brother James Mason.  Brother James would fill-in for Pastor Josh upon his absence.  Brother James would take the reins by fortifying what Twin Cities Grace Fellowship was being taught.  His grip and grasp of the message of grace and God's design for godly edification is manifest in all his teachings.  May his teachings serve you in your edification.

Brother James departed to be with our Lord and Saviour 5/18/14.  He was at church, at the Lord's Table when he experienced a heart-attack that took him from his wife, family, friends, and us at TCGF, but sent him to our Lord Jesus Christ, which is "far better" as our Apostle Paul explains in his epistle to the Philippians.  Although missed dearly, he is present with the Lord and his legacy through the effectual working of God's Word in him continues and will echo for all eternity because he is in our eternal Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We are truly blessed to have his teaching remnants. 

Listen and be blessed............. 

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Social Media

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church cancellation

Hello Everyone,

Due to the winter storm warning for this afternoon (12/16) to 12am and beyond with expected snow accumulation (5 to 8 inches) we are cancelling tomorrows (12/17) Men's Bible Study @ 9am, as well as, the Board Meeting @ 10am.

Also, due to dangerously cold temperatures Saturday night (12/17) into Sunday (12/18) we are cancelling both (9am & 10:45am) church services. Please tell members of TCGF to get the word around so no one makes the trip when church is cancelled. Thank you all!!! 

Due to our services on Dec. 22nd and Dec. 25th already cancelled for Christmas our next scheduled services are Thursday, December 29th @ 7pm & Sunday January 1st @ 9am & 10:45am.

I pray you will all have a great week celebrating Christ - His mind of humility (Php. 2:3-11; Isa. 9:6; Luk. 2:1-20) , and His death, burial, and resurrection (Rom. 1:1-5, Rom. 3:21-26).  

Look Up,

Josh Strelecki