2 Corinthians is a follow-up to 1 Corinthians, but also expounds upon various matters brought up in the earlier epistle.  Paul halts coming to the Corinthians to spare them, to see the Corinthians obedience fulfilled, to partake in the consolation in Christ as they partake in the sufferings of Christ, to confront those that discredit him, and so much more.  

Join Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher as he teaches through the epistle learning about these believers, who needed much correction and instruction, that we may be edified and learn to examine ourselves. 

1 Corinthians is an strong epistle. Paul time and time again reproves and corrects the Corinthians for the lack of understanding and use of doctrine they have received. This epistles serves as the Father's chastening of foolish sons and daughters of God, an epistle that examines us and instructs us in righteousness.

Join Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher in this Primer Series of 1 Corinthians.

1 Corinthians Primer Notes

Join Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher as he goes through this intimate epistle between Paul and Timothy as it relates to conduct and behavior in the church, as well as, the operations, order, and structure of the church.

1 Timothy Sermon Notes