Romans 1-5 details the gospel of Christ to equip the ambassador for Christ and set forth the doctrine detail of justification by grace through faith in the redemption that is in Christ Jesus that all are under sin, guilty before God, come short of His glory, yet can have His righteousness without work upon them by faith

Romans 6-8 details the gospel of Christ regarding the Spirit's operation of spiritual baptism into Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, as well as, its function under grace and not the law and the fundamental details of how to walk after the Spirit and not the flesh

Romans 9-11 details the gospel of Christ and our dispensational identity in God's eternal purpose in Christ produced by God's unsearchable judgment, "this mystery", to endure Israel's rejection with much longsuffering until the Gentiles be come in

Romans 12-16 details the gospel of Christ with regards to the righteous, godly, holy living the Spirit is able to produce to those that yield, walk, mind, and prove the Father's will set forth in these chapters

Romans chapter summaries

Looking for a condensed version of Romans to catch up with us go through the Romans Chapter Summaries to get a survey of the richness of the book of Romans.  Then join us in Romans to be edified.