Romans 12-16

All the work done in Romans has lead to this point.  The doctrine of justification, sanctification, sonship, and our hope of glory has lead us to this point to learn from the leading ministry of the Spirit that teaches us Christ!!!  To put it simply, the rubber meets the road in Romans 12.  These are the riches of His glory, that is, Himself, that Christ died to transform us into.  

May you be edified in the words that renew our minds and transform us to Christ!!!

Romans 9-11

Romans 9-11 details Israel history, present status, and fulness in relationship to "the mystery" of God dealing with the Gentiles by Israel's fall in contrast to God's prophetic declaration of dealing with the Gentiles by Israel's rise.

Romans 9-11 is the knowledge that clearly provides God's mind and judgment concerning His dispensation change that He ordained before the world began, but hid within Himself. This portion of scripture plainly teaches about His eternal counsel that is not in accord with replacement Israel theology, spiritual Israelism, or other similar unscriptural theologies.

Romans 9-11 answers, why God's specific timeline given to Daniel has not come to fruition and what withhold's true Israel from receiving her fulness in the prophetic, earthly, Davidic, kingdom of heaven that will come to this earth with Christ ruling and reigning as King of kings, and Lord of lords. 

Romans 6-8 describes our sanctified position in Christ.  By virtue of what God the Holy Spirit did, the moment we believed the gospel, that is, baptize us into Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, we are dead to sin and alive unto God.

This new identity grants us the privilege to be able to live unto God in the details of our life.  The matter becomes exercising this new identity by "walking after the Spirit".

Pastor Josh takes the listener through the doctrinal design of Romans 6-8 so that you come to know who you are in Christ and all its' capabilities and how God knows them.  This portion of Romans sets forth the provision, mechanics, and promise of walking after the Spirit, in contrast, to walking after the flesh under the law.  

Gain the confidence of understanding that you, as a Christian, are not living carnally, but spiritually and bringing forth fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life!!!

Romans Notes

Romans 1-5

Romans is the foundation of the Christian faith.  It the epistle God utilizes to establish the believer in the faith. 

Romans 1-5 provide the believer: the necessary information to share the gospel of Christ with others, handle every counter and excuse they could possibly give, clearly explain redemption and salvation from the debt and penalty of our sins is only by faith in the faith of Christ, teach the eternal security believer, and so much more.

Join Pastor Josh as he takes you down the Roman Road verse-by-verse to receive the foundation of your edification.

Romans Notes