Sermon Series

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  • Covenant theology, dispensationalism, end times, the Body of Christ, Israel, prophecy, and mystery - all these things can be confusing, yet God is not the author of confusion.  Understanding the eternal purpose of God is important to know, especially in regards to the time in which you live in His-story.  Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher teaches on these matters taking the biblical approach of looking at God's judgments throughout time.  

  • It is clear and plain to understand that an individual today is justified by grace through faith when they believe in the faith of Jesus Christ and what He provided in His death, burial, and resurrection.  Yet, what about before Christ died, was buried, and rose again?  Were those before the Cross justified by grace through faith prior to the law and under the law?  Join Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher in this series to learn about the the character of God, the faith of Christ, God's law of faith to better answer these questions and many more.

  • God ordained the family starting with the first marriage union with Adam & Eve and the commandment to be fruitful and multiply.  God alone, therefore, is the One who provides the instruction for a family to live in godliness and be the family unit that God intended it to be with all its' godly influence.  Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher dives into the scriptures to provide this understanding.

  • The Bible student knows clearly December 25th is not the birthday of Christ.  What about Santa Claus?  The Christmas tree?  etc.  Listen to Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher preach and teach on these things and how Christmas the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ, but is a day to celebrate the birth of Christ.

  • Every word of God is authoritative, inspired, and powerful. Yet, are there certain words, doctrines, or passages that are more "weightier", or of a higher or greater caliber? Are there certain doctrines that are essential? Which are worthy to divide over and which are not? What are the bare bone doctrines we ought to know today?

    Join Pastor Josh in this series to learn the answer to these questions and others like it!!!  

  • Join Pastor Josh for one of the most important series he has done. Studying God's Word to understand what it is that God has communicated to us is so vitally important. It is to led us in life, provide us wisdom in our day-to-day life, and be the basis of each of our decisions. God's Word and our study is a door into heaven, but not only heaven, but into the very mind and heart of our heavenly Father.

    Have you struggled to grasp what God has revealed in His Word? Do you lack understanding? Are indifferent when it comes to the Bible and/or reading it, let alone study it? Join Pastor Josh to learn about the power God has vested in His Word, what it is designed to accomplish, and know Him through by the studying it!

    Reading and studying God's Word unleash this power, reveal the plethora of objectives He ordained to fulfill in us, and unlock understanding of Who God is through Jesus Christ our Lord.  

  • What is the first thing you think about when you hear "the gospels"? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Join Pastor Josh in this series and go through the scriptures and history to learn the scriptures teach there is more than one gospel. Pastor Josh discusses how this is possible, as well as, the truth that an individual can only be justified by grace through faith alone and the provision for this justification unto eternal life is only the blood of Christ.

    God throughout time has provides gospels for man to believe (only one at a given time) in which when an individual believed they would be justified by grace through faith through God's forbearance (in time past)- God knowing the payment for His justification would eventually be made and (at this time) by grace through faith in the Cross with the payment now made.

  • Confusion is usually the response you receive when the topic of the Lord's Table comes up? Is it the Lord's Supper? Communion? The Lord's Table? Isn't this Jewish under the law? Should we participate? Should we have nothing to do with it?

    Join Pastor Josh in this 7 part series as he answers these questions and so much more. Learn about the Lord's Table in the context of 1 Corinthians and if it has any purpose for the members of the body of Christ in this dispensation of God's grace. This is a series you cannot afford to not listen to. 

  • "My friends tell me there are contradictions in the Bible. I tell them they are wrong; however, when I read and study out what they see, I too, see these contradictions."

    Contradictions in the Bible are not something that we like to admit to, but however honesty is always the first step to the answer: anything else is just a cover-up and dishonesty. The apparent contradictions in the scriptures are contradictions if we do not know how to handle them the way God teaches us to handle them.

    Learn one aspects of God's method of study that provides you the capacity to deal with these apparent contradictions. Join Pastor Josh in this 20 part series to learn how to "rightly divide the word of truth".

  • Fear, anxiety, disassociation are but a few things that come to mind when the matter of suffering comes up. Health, wealth, and prosperity is what we like to enjoy, experience, and associate ourselves with. Yet, is this what God utilizes in conforming us to His Son's image. Simply put, if God spared not His own Son, how shall He not freely give us all things.

    Pastor Josh Strelecki takes you through Paul's epistles to edificationally build this doctrine the way Paul himself built it and therefore how God wants you to understand it. Listen to this 38 hour series to gain an appreciation and grasp of suffering.

    Suffering is a tough subject to grapple with alone, but God never deals with it alone, but in light of His exceeding riches of His glory. This is 38 hours eternally worth it. 

  • Today it seems like church is all about programs, coffee, size, and how fantastic your worship band is. Yet, is this what God wants the church to be about? Unfortunately, like most other things, the church gets caught up in almost everything they should not and the most important thing is forgotten.

    Pastor Josh takes 7 hours to unpack the purpose of the church; that is, it is a classroom to be edified in godliness. Learn the purpose for the church and what godly edification really is in this series.