Study the Bible: The "How To" Series

Join Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher for one of the most important series he has done.  Studying God's Word to understand what it is that God has communicated to us is so vitally important.  It is to led us in life, provide us wisdom in our day-to-day life, and be the basis of each of our decisions.  God's Word and our study is a door into heaven, but not only heaven, but into the very mind and heart of our heavenly Father.  

Have you struggled to grasp what God has revealed in His Word?  Do you lack understanding?  Are indifferent when it comes to the Bible and/or reading it, let alone study it?  Join Pastor Josh to learn about the power God has vested in His Word, what it is designed to accomplish, and know Him through by the studying it!  

Reading and studying God's Word unleash this power, reveal the plethora of objectives He ordained to fulfill in us, and unlock understanding of Who God is through Jesus Christ our Lord.