Distributing to the necessities of the saints

God our Father teaches us to "distributing to the necessity of saints", also, "and whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it".  We are to be aware of the afflictions of the saints - "ready to distribute, willing to communicate".

The response of the members of TCGF during this unprecedented time in the world has been incredible and fitting to our God's teaching in His Word. What a manifestation of Christ in you! As I have spoken to many of you or many of you have reached out to Michele or myself there is a clear longing for loving and helping others to go through and get through this trying time. Therefore, from the response we have received we are putting together this "prayer request" form (of sorts). Rather, it is a place to submit your needs so we as the elders and deacons of TCGF and other willing members of the body that are in prayer waiting and watching to help you, to "distribute" to your need. Maybe it is just a phone call, maybe its some groceries or help getting groceries, maybe it some toilet paper ;), maybe its financial help paying a bill - rent, phone, electric, etc. Whatever it is we would like to know and be a "helper" and "laborer" with God in meeting you needs!

Once you submit the form, if you want us to contact you we will, and if you want to be placed on the "prayer wall" we will. You can placed "anonymously" or by name, you choose. Then others can reach out to you and we can "hear" and "see" God work through His Word working members of the body toward you! This is how God works!    

Prayer Wall


Our Right Division Bible Study in Coeur D’Alene Idaho will continue to grow in membership and spiritual maturity.


Hello there, praise the Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Michael, my wife and I just relocated from southern California to a town called Mason City, Iowa. We are new to mid acts 9 dispensational, right division. We were wandering if you might know of any mid acts assemblies in our area. We have started to watch and listen to graceambasadors.com. They are in Indiana...kinda far. Our prayer request is that we might locate a like-minded group by us. At least maybe a home study group. Thankyou for your time....