On behalf of the leadership and saints of Twin Cities Grace Fellowship we thank you for your interest in the ministry. Our desire reflects that of God's in that we want all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Therefore, our vision is two-fold with various ministries to carry out God's will. First, God through His Word, has given to us a clear gospel of grace to share with the world in order that they may believe and be justified unto eternal life. Secondly, God has provided His Word which we study rightly divided; that is, although the scriptures have many similarities throughout time, there are also differences that we need to keep separate. These necessary divisions clear up most confusion. God not only wants you to know His Word rightly divided and properly, but also the doctrine unto godly edification. God provides this in Paul's epistles in a very structured manner to conform you to the image of Christ by thinking the way He thinks, living the way He live, and laboring with Him in all the various operations He has today.

We invite you to learn more about us by this website and to come out and fellowship with us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. If you have any Bible questions feel free to email Pastor Josh. We look forward to being "helpers of your joy".

What to Expect

  • Expect warm, welcoming Bible believers.
  • Expect people to be dressed from suits to casual.  
  • Expect a laid back environment.
  • Expect an environment to learn the Bible.
  • Expect to be engaged in the Bible and learn it in a detailed manner.
  • Expect to be engaged with power-point presentations, as well as, charts at times.
  • Expect to hear and sing old and new hymns that carry forth God's Word and His doctrine in song.
  • Expect to hear about an hour of Bible teaching per session.
  • Expect to be provided with resources to help you at home.


Twin Cities Grace Fellowship (TCGF) began over 10 years ago as two small house churches joining together.  They gathered over the week to study the scriptures "rightly divided" and desired a pastor to lead them.  

Brother Duane Gallentine of Centuria Wisconsin took on that role for many years.  Eventually, Brother Ron Knight came from Illinois and Grace School of the Bible to teach and preach to the saints of once Heavenly Hope Bible Church.  Duane and Ron labored together in the teaching/preaching duties for many years.  Duane taught Thursday nights and Ron taught Sunday mornings.  

In 2008 Brother Josh Strelecki began to be implemented in the teaching/preaching rotation.  Duane stopped teaching on Thursday's to focus on his assembly in Centuria Wisconsin.  Ron took over Thursday nights and Sunday mornings.  Josh began to preach every first Sunday of the month and fill in for Ron when gone or necessary.

In July of 2011 Brother Ron and his family decided to move to Sacramento California, as well as, begin a local assembly: Northern California Grace Fellowship.  Brother Josh took over the teaching/preaching duties at that time and is presently the pastor of Twin Cities Grace Fellowship.

Twin Cities Grace Fellowship is a assembly of believers with a unquenchable desire for the Bible.  Above all else TCGF wants to know God through His Son as found and learned from the scriptures.  TCGF is assembly that honestly deals with God's Word and wants to lovely and graciously share the glorious truths of His Word to others.  

What We Teach


The Holy Bible is the Word of God, written.  It is only through the Bible and the ministry of the Holy Spirit that we come to know the Living Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Bible is the Holy, Verbally-Inspired, Perfect, Inerrant, Infallible, Eternal, Unchangeable Word of the Living God, and the only Authority for faith and practice.  [2 Timothy 3:16-17Romans 15:41 Thessalonians 2:132 Peter 1:21Psalm 12:6-7Romans 3:4]
We believe and hold that God’s design, particularly in our Dispensation of Grace, is to have all people, without distinction, have His inspired Word in written form in their native tongue.  Inspiration first, then preservation of what was inspired, and an accurate translation.  We believe and hold that what God breathed and preserved in the original languages has been accurately translated without error for the English speaking people in the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible.

We believe that the King James Version of the Holy Word of God is, in a non-technical sense, inspired when honorably translated from the uncorrupted manuscripts.  The issue is from where the KJV was translated, i.e. which family of manuscripts have God’s inspiration and preservation evident within its pages so they may be translated for the English speaking people.

We believe and hold that the New Testament of the KJV is the only English translation on the market today that is reliably translated from the inspired and preserved Greek manuscript commonly known as the Textus Receptus, also known as the Traditional, Received, Antiochian or Syrian Text.

We know and teach that with all other versions of the New Testament being based upon the corrupt critical family of manuscripts, commonly known as the Westcott and Hort Greek Text, are to be rejected along with their variant readings in the English.  Doctors Brook Foss Westcott [1825-1903] and Fenton Jon Anthony Hort [1828-1892] created the critical Greek text based upon ancient Greek manuscripts which are known as the Alexandria, Egyptian, Local, Hesychian or Minority Text, including the Sinaiticus and the Vaticanus Text.  Westcott and Hort’s Greek text has for the past 100+ years been the critical text from which all other versions of the New Testament are based, including the Jehovah Witness’s New World Translation and the New King James Bible.  All other English versions hold kindredship in advancing corruption of the very Word of God.

When holding the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible we have the Word of God in a one book form for the English speaking people.


There is one God eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Not a trinity, but a triune Godhead.  [Deuteronomy 6:4Isaiah 45:21221 Corinthians 8:461 Timothy 2:5Ephesians 4:4-6Matthew 13:142 Corinthians 13:14]

Our Leadership/Elders

  • Josh Strelecki

    Pastor - teacher/Elder

  • Lee Michaels


  • Carl Blackwell

    Elder-teacher/Body Group Leader/Treasurer

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  • Tom Krantz


  • Craig Cain


  • Mike Finnegan

    Elder/body Group Leader

  • dirk peterson

    elder-teacher/Body Group Leader