On behalf of the leadership and saints of Twin Cities Grace Fellowship we thank you for your interest in the ministry.  Our desire reflects that of God's in that we want all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.  Therefore, our vision is two-fold with various ministries to carry out God's will.  First, God through His Word, has given to us a clear gospel of grace to share with the world in order that they may believe and be justified unto eternal life.  Secondly, God has provided His Word which we study rightly divided; that is, although the scriptures have many similarities throughout time, there are also differences that we need to keep separate.  These necessary divisions clear up most confusion.  God not only wants you to know His Word rightly divided and properly, but also the doctrine unto godly edification.  God provides this in Paul's epistles in a very structured manner to conform you to the image of Christ by thinking the way He thinks, living the way He live, and laboring with Him in all the various operations He has today. 

We invite you to learn more about us by this website and to come out and fellowship with us.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  If you have any Bible questions feel free to email Pastor Josh.  We look forward to being "helpers of your joy".   

Thursday (7pm)

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Come join us Thursday nights at Twin Cities Grace Fellowship's for Pastor Josh's Study the Bible:: The How To Series.  The Excellency of God's Power, Why Study, The Necessities of Study, and the Work of God's Word provides the appreciation for what the student is handling when they study God's Word, as well as, the general understanding of their responsibility.

Come Pastor Josh in the next phase of the study to gain helpful ways to identify relationships between words, verses, chapters, and books of the Bible.  Learn helpful tips and principles to gain the profit out of God's Word that He intends you to receive.  

Sunday (9am & 10:45am)

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Romans 8:16-25 commences the further leading of the Spirit.  He takes us directly to the reality that we are God's children and as His children we are heirs.  This leading opens our understanding to our inheritance being God's heirs and therefore purpose, hope, and glory.  

What does it mean to "suffer with Him" and what does it mean to be "glorified together"?  Come learn the answers to these questions and so much more from Romans 8:16ff!!!



1)      Upcoming Events:

a.     August 25th @ 7pm: Study the Bible Series: How to Pt. 12: Edification (Lesson 28)


b.     Body Groups:

·       Body Group (West): Saturday August 27th @ 6pm


c.      August 28th @ 9am: “The Earnest of the Spirit”

·       August 28th @ 10:45am: “The Earnest of the Spirit: The Creature Pt. 1”


d.     September 4th @ 9am: “The Earnest of the Spirit: The Creature Pt. 2”

·       September 4th @ 10:45am: Q&A: “How does God comfort through prayer?”

·       September 4th @ 12p: Fellowship Meal – Please bring a dish to share!!!


e.     September 18th @ 2pm-5pm: Baby Shower for Stephanie Greene (Estelle) and Nikki (Naomi)

·       Baby Shower @ Jane Mason’s House


f.      September 24th @ 9am: Men’s Bible Study

·       September 24th @ 10am-12pm: Board Meeting


g.     Lords Table:

·       November 20th

·       Jot down question for time of questions and comments


2)      Other Announcements: 


a.     Dan & Stephanie Greene started a fundraiser for Dina Marten’s (our beloved sister currently suffering breast cancer).  Stephanie designed a shirt which can be purchased online and proceeds go to the Marten’s medical expenses.  They cost $20 and the link is https://www.booster.com/dina-martens


b.     “Welcome Bags” can be found on the back table near entrance for visitors and guests.


c.     Sign-Up to receive Weekly Announcements and Pastor Josh’s Sermon Notes via email: online or back table.


d.     Submit Bible Question(s) to “The Running Questions List”: online or back table.  If you have a Bible question you would like to get answered right away, email Pastor Josh.


e.     If you would like a hard copy (DVD or CD) of the messages, write your request on paper & place in the blue shelves on back table.


f.      Rotation of Teachers (Foundations) – Coming October


g.     Coached-By-Christ (CBC) will be starting in October and Leadership Meeting in September.  Dates TBD.