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Thursday (7pm)

1 Corinthians Primer

1 Corinthians is an strong epistle.  Paul time and time again reproves and corrects the Corinthians for the lack of understanding and use of doctrine they have received.  This epistles serves as the Father's chastening of foolish sons and daughters of God, an epistle that examines us and instructs us in righteousness.

Join Pastor Josh to learn more about 1 Corinthians!!!  

Have questions?  Join Pastor Josh each week or follow along via our website or YouTube Channel.

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Sunday (9am & 10:45am)

Godly Edification

Romans 9-11

Romans 9-11 details Israel history, present status, and fulness in relationship to "the mystery" of God dealing with the Gentiles by Israel's fall in contrast to God's prophetic declaration of dealing with the Gentiles by Israel's rise.

Romans 9-11 is the knowledge that clearly provides God's mind and judgment concerning His dispensation change that He ordained before the world began, but hid within Himself. This portion of scripture plainly teaches about His eternal counsel that is not in accord with replacement Israel theology, spiritual Israelism, or other similar unscriptural theologies.

Romans 9-11 answers, why God's specific timeline given to Daniel has not come to fruition and what withhold's true Israel from receiving her fulness in the prophetic, earthly, Davidic, kingdom of heaven that will come to this earth with Christ ruling and reigning as King of kings, and Lord of lords. 

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 Upcoming Events:

  Body Groups:
   Body Group South: October 17th @ 6pm
   Body Group Central: October 17th @ 7pm
   Body Group West: October 21st @ 6pm

  October 19th @ 6:15pm: CBC
  •       October 19th @ 7pm: Bible Study – 1 Corinthians Primer – “The Filth of This World”
October 22nd @ 9am: Romans 9: 1-5 - “Aren’t the Israelites Separated?”
  •          October 22nd @ 10:45am: Romans 9: 1-5 - “The Israelites to Whom Pertain…”
November 18th @ 9am-10:30am: Elder Meeting
  •    November 18th @ 10:30am-12pm: Church Meeting