"The Lowliest position in the courts of god is more elevated than to have the highest position in the place of the wicked"

- Brandon Smith | "A Day in Thy Courts"

"The Life of the plant is within the seed, but you don't physically witness that, you don't see what it shall be"

- Joshua Edwards | "A Meeting In The Air"

"We are to confidently Face Death because of these things.  We are to Face it with joy, with expectation, and anticipation and if not it may be that we are idolizing this world."

- Josh Strelecki | "Absent, Yet Present"

"One of the features of the Spirit is to help us to bear the infirmities that happen in our life"

- Marshall Coleman Sr. | "The Life That Now Is"

"There is a review process because the next step in the process is the heavenly father, eternity"

- Rick Jordan Jr. | "The Judgment Seat of Christ"

"It is as if the father comes to us, takes us into his privy counsel, the things that were in his own heart, pulls back the curtain to appear into It and allows us to peer into the wisdom and prudence of His glory plan in Christ Jesus That he has been working in time"

- Joshua Edwards | "The Mystery of His Will"

"Could you imagine getting bored getting to know the lord deeper and deeper?"

- Rick Jordan Jr. | "The Life of Eternity"