A Charge for the New Year

The time for edification of Christian’s has never been more important than now. The season we are entering demands all the more, a strong, resolute faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as, a profitable faith for all men to see. Now is not the time to cower and evade the call of our Captain to fight the good fight of faith and war a good warfare. Beloved, we must put on the whole armour of God and stand. Put on the whole armour of God to be steadfast with the truth and equipped to endure the fiery darts of the wicked. Guard yourself with a sacrificial love that endures all things; a charity kindled by the Cross of Christ, aflame by His abounding grace toward our neighbors, even our enemies. We will be tested on the field of our lusts and affections for this world to manifest that we are immovable. Strong because of our love for the heavenly world and its only King. We don’t “study the word” to become scholarly, but to know Christ and have Him manifest in our flesh as we become consumed with His message and love. The world doesn’t know Him, but is ripe for the knowing. The world hates more and more Christians, but is ripe to see a love that doesn’t repay evil for evil. The world judges us evil doers, but is ripe for us to commit our souls to Him that judges righteously. The world lacks hope, but is ripe to see our joy in the hope of the glory of God.

We have seen like never before that we cannot put our hope and confidence in government, politics, or even constitutionalism. These things have failed to make the impact we so desired for them to make. Government isn’t the church. Politics isn’t the mechanics of God’s ways. Constitutionalism isn’t our authority. Yet, now isn’t the time for the faint-hearted, down-trodden, or discouraged. We are the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. Now is the time to pick up our torch, the word of life, walk as children of light and blaze forth in the darkness and so shine as the sons and daughters of God. Now is the time to wield the most powerful weapon known to creation, the word of God – to cut and heal, to damn and save, to shew death and manifest life. The soldier that knows its sharpness is confident that it reaches beyond symptoms and cuts straight to the heart, penetrating the dead soul of its potential brother and sister. We must get practiced, we must prepare, and we must engage for the glory of Christ, the winning of lost souls, and for our glory – not shame.

My prayer is that you will come to know Christ even more this year, boldly proclaim His name, and be careful to maintain good works which are profitable to all men. My prayer is that this platform, one measure in an ocean of sound content available, will be an encouragement to you, a refreshment for your bowels, and strength to any feeble knees.
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Josh Strelecki

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