Over the course of many years I have learned so much from so many that have gone before me.  The list would go on.  One of those preachers/teachers was and continues to be (through Enjoy the Bible Ministries) Keith R. Blades.  

With consent from Enjoy the Bible I have started recording in audio format articles, reprints, question and answer, booklets, and books that Keith R. Blades has written.  This treasury of sound doctrine can be found at - www.enjoythebible.org

My hope is that you may learn, via audio, from Keith's study in the Word in which he has provided in writ.  If you would like to receive updates when a writing has been put into audio please sign-up for "Studying the Word" emails by clicking the link.

All written material can be read here.

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Specific treatment of a number of the issues pertaining to “rightly dividing the word of truth,” along with the distinction between God’s program and dealings with Israel and this present dispensation of Gentile grace, can be found in this series of doctrinal tracts produced by Pastor Keith R. Blades.


Over the years a number of our Bible study articles from the Enjoy The Bible Quarterly have generated a lot of interest. In view of this we decided to reprint many of them, but to do it in a handy-size tract format. In this format they are very easy to read and to use as handouts. At present the 20 titles are available.  Here they are provided in audio format.