Gospel Receptivity Amidst Our Current Crisis (Begins at 28:50)

May 15, 2021    Don Kroah, Josh Strelecki, Lee Michaels
The Christian Outlook – May 15, 2021

Bob Burney looks at the violence erupting in Israel with hundreds of rockets coming into Israel from the Gaza strip, Palestinian territory controlled by Hamas.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Oren former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. about the escalating violence from Hamas towards Israel.

Don Kroah and former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cucinelli talk about the crisis at our southern border and the possible motive behind the Biden Administration policies.

Dr. Albert Mohler talks about a Southern Baptist church in southern California that recently ordained their first women pastors.

Don Kroah talks with Nick Hall, founder, and president of the group “Pulse” about a spike in receptivity towards the Gospel amidst the pandemic and domestic turmoil.

Lee Michaels turns to Pastor Josh Strelecki to talk about getting the Gospel right.