Lesson 5 | Spiritual Wickedness & The Works of Darkness

Mar 7, 2024    Josh Strelecki

The spirit of this world with its darkness is described as spiritual wickedness. Just as the Spirit of God works in the inner man of the quickened believer in Christ, so does the spirit of the world work in the inner man of those dead in trespasses and sins. Just as believers are created in Christ Jesus and given light unto good works, so are unbelievers dead in Adam given darkness unto sinful works of darkness. Josh Strelecki, Pastor-Teacher details various monikers of spiritual wickedness like philosophy, psychology, tradition of men, and the like. In this lesson, he introduces the forms of the wisdom of the world that do not retain God according to truth and are the hosts for the spirit of this world to work in unbelievers to justify sin and take pleasure in their darkness often referred to as "my truth".